Wednesday 12 September 2012

Beginners Class Autumn 2009/10

Here are some more sampler quilts from the class that started in September 2009. We had such fun in that class and I think that is reflected in their varied and colourful quilts!

Janet B. assessing her blocks with Wendy looking on!

Janet's completed quilt

Grace B. with her blocks and (nearly finished quilt)!

Wendy, work -in-progress and completed quilt

Mary having a discussion with Sue over the setting for her blocks! Mary's completed quilt below.

Sue N's own quilt; work-in-progress and completed quilt below.

Netta working out the arrangements for her blocks. 

Carol N's completed quilt (below). I seem to have mislaid some photos for Netta, Carol and Patricia which is a nuisance!

Patricia H. sizing up her blocks. 

Beginners class 2009

There are dozens of different patchwork and quilting techniques, so students in the Beginners class, try some of the various methods and then make 12-inch ‘blocks’. The blocks are then quilted and assembled to make a sampler quilt in their own choice of size, style and colour. In some of the photos, you can see them standing on chairs and looking through what seems to be a magnifying glass, in fact it’s a reducing glass and a great aid for arranging and balancing the block ‘setting’! 

 Jean Q with Margaret, Ruth, Martina, Antje and Michelle arranging her blocks (left) and finished quilt below)

Heather J arranging her blocks with Pat, Carole, Denise W and Angela. Below comleted quilt

Margaret S (below) trying out different backgrounds for the blocks

The completed quilt hanging at Bristol Quilters exhibition in 2011.
Anthea H arranging her blocks. Anthea was involved in a nsaty car accident and lost several blocks after this photograph was taken. To her great credit, she re-made them and completed the wonderful quilt below!

Angela R's quilt (below) no work in progress pictures unfortunately

Ruth choosing how to arrange her blocks, with Helen, Antje, Jean, Margaret & Martina

 This completes this section of Beginners quilts! Now I'm sure it will get quicker and easier as I get used to the programme, but as it's taken me all morning to get this far, I'm having a break now for lunch!!

Move to the Botanic gardens in 2009

Well I thought it might take me most of the summer to sort out my photos, and in the process I’ve learned a few lessons! Always label your photos! Take two of everything! Always keep a copy of your original download, and save the photos in two formats for editing and for the web! If I’d done all this it would have saved me hours! Anyway, here are the first batch of photos which I hope you enjoy and which should be a nice trip down memory lane for the people involved!

In 2009, the classes were moved to the University of Bristol Botanic Gardens and we held our first exhibition in the Holmes. It was a wonderful setting and co-incided with the National Gardens Scheme open days, so we had lots of visitors.

View of the lake.

The Linnaeus Study Room, situated in the grounds and where the classes are held.

The very first day I visited to see the room and check the facilities, a watercolour class was in progress and who should be teaching it but a very old friend of mine Jenny! 

We'd discovered some years ago we'd both attended the same boarding school in Surrey, so this was a second amazing co-incidence! From that moment on I knew I was in the right place at the right time!

The classroom inside

Sunday 29 July 2012

A New Chapter!

 This is a first for me! I’ve had a website for some time but updating it in the last couple of years with new photos has been difficult (to say the least), so inspired and encouraged by a lovely lady I met recently in Kent, Marguerite Wiewel, I’ve started a blog! This should make it much easier to showcase all the wonderful work my students create!

I’m a textile teacher and designer who’s been teaching patchwork & quilting since 1996 and I love it! (For further info see )

I’ll start this blog roughly from 2009 (yikes three years ago), a year which saw many ups and downs, but one of the definite pluses was moving all my classes to the lovely Linnaeus Study Room in the grounds of the University of Bristol’s Botanic Gardens. The picture at the top of the page is taken in the beautiful grounds and features some of my talented students.

Since then the classes have grown and, in addition to the Botanic Gardens, I also have classes at Midsomer Quilting in Chilcompton and at the Downend Folk House in Downend. All details are on the website. It will take me some time, but I will upload pictures from all classes and hopefully catch up to the present day. 

Good job I've taken time off this summer to get to grips with 21st Century technology!!!