Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Beginners Class Autumn 2009/10

Here are some more sampler quilts from the class that started in September 2009. We had such fun in that class and I think that is reflected in their varied and colourful quilts!

Janet B. assessing her blocks with Wendy looking on!

Janet's completed quilt

Grace B. with her blocks and (nearly finished quilt)!

Wendy, work -in-progress and completed quilt

Mary having a discussion with Sue over the setting for her blocks! Mary's completed quilt below.

Sue N's own quilt; work-in-progress and completed quilt below.

Netta working out the arrangements for her blocks. 

Carol N's completed quilt (below). I seem to have mislaid some photos for Netta, Carol and Patricia which is a nuisance!

Patricia H. sizing up her blocks. 

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