Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Beginners class 2009

There are dozens of different patchwork and quilting techniques, so students in the Beginners class, try some of the various methods and then make 12-inch ‘blocks’. The blocks are then quilted and assembled to make a sampler quilt in their own choice of size, style and colour. In some of the photos, you can see them standing on chairs and looking through what seems to be a magnifying glass, in fact it’s a reducing glass and a great aid for arranging and balancing the block ‘setting’! 

 Jean Q with Margaret, Ruth, Martina, Antje and Michelle arranging her blocks (left) and finished quilt below)

Heather J arranging her blocks with Pat, Carole, Denise W and Angela. Below comleted quilt

Margaret S (below) trying out different backgrounds for the blocks

The completed quilt hanging at Bristol Quilters exhibition in 2011.
Anthea H arranging her blocks. Anthea was involved in a nsaty car accident and lost several blocks after this photograph was taken. To her great credit, she re-made them and completed the wonderful quilt below!

Angela R's quilt (below) no work in progress pictures unfortunately

Ruth choosing how to arrange her blocks, with Helen, Antje, Jean, Margaret & Martina

 This completes this section of Beginners quilts! Now I'm sure it will get quicker and easier as I get used to the programme, but as it's taken me all morning to get this far, I'm having a break now for lunch!!

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